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Full Truckload

At Pumex we have extensive experience in full truckload transportation. For over 15 years, we’ve been building client satisfaction with the help of a large fleet of trucks and a vast network of partners ready to ship your cargo anywhere in Europe.

We handle all types of merchandise, from palletized cargo to heavy machinery, temperature controlled or dangerous goods. Our team of experts offers you a complete logistics plan, including clearance formalities and necessary insurance.

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Why choose FTL Transport?

FTL is the golden standard of shipping, bringing the best cost ratio per transported pallet and shortest transit time. It is the best choice for clients whose cargo volume takes up the entire space within a truck or van.

The main advantage with FTL is that shipping is reserved for your cargo only, as opposed to LTL or groupage, where you share cargo space. In addition, transport time is optimal, since the vehicle travels directly to the delivery point without any interruptions.

All our clients’ shipping projects, both full truckload or otherwise, benefit from a default standard insurance of up to 500,000 euros, or a bespoke insurance plan that clients can access. 

As such, you can opt for full truckload services based on the specifics and value of your merchandise, even if your cargo doesn’t cover the entire space within a truck or van.

Why choose FTL Transport?

FTL shipping is right for you if:

  • Your cargo fills an entire vehicle
  • Your shipment is time-sensitive
  • You prefer dedicated shipping
FTL shipping is right for you if:

The logistics of FTL

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The logistics part of full truckload services is straightforward. The shipping process is dedicated to the efficient and safe transport of your cargo. Pumex provides you with a complete logistics plan including shipping routes, customs clearance formalities and optimal transit times.

These characteristics make FTL the ideal choice for companies needing to transport large freight (33 euro pallets per truck). 

FTL benefits:

  • Fast transit time
  • Better shipping rates
  • Shipment insurance
  • The cost per pallet is optimal

Pumex consultants ready to advise

Our highly trained specialists are ready to consult with you on what the best options are for your transport needs. If your cargo covers a full or close to a full truck or van, is time-sensitive or highly valuable, FTL is the right solution for you.

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