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International Transport Services

Reliable solutions for your Logistics needs

Pumex specializes in international transport services for all types of cargo loads. Our 15+ years of experience in import and export transportation services are the solution to your needs. We are your trusted partner for long term collaboration with the ability to process multiple types of loads and cargo.

We expertly handle every aspect of your freight – planning, organizing and management with all costs included and transparent fees.

Your goods are transported safely on the delivery date agreed and you get real-time tracking of your shipment.

Our extensive network of logistic hubs throughout the European Union, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Moldavia, Kaliningrad and the Ukraine ensures the efficient international transportation service you need.

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International Logistics

Planning your logistics can be a hassle when you’re dealing with multiple countries and borders. At Pumex, we turn your needs into a solution. You simply provide us with the details of your delivery:

  • Type of goods
  • Cargo specifics (weight and volume)
  • Cargo pick up and delivery locations
  • Pick up and delivery dates

We ascertain all your needs and provide a complete, custom logistics plan for your shipment, from pick up to delivery, including crossdocking, transloading or warehousing services.

International  Logistics

Cost-effective Transportation

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Thanks to our extensive fleet and network of trusted partners, we are able to offer regular export and import departures, shipping your freight to its final destination at the right time.

Careful planning ensures diminished transport times with practical solutions from a financial point of view. Our European shipping services are streamlined to exclude any delays on paperwork or customs points. We have extensive experience in dealing with a full range of cargo types and all the customs clearance formalities on your international transportation delivery.

Efficient European Transport

Not sure about what type of service to choose in order to streamline costs and delivery times?

Our consultants select the best routes, best delivery dates available, choose the most appropriate vehicle and guide you toward the best load type service.

We provide:

Thanks to careful planning, a well developed infrastructure and our extensive experience, you can fully rely on our standard shipping processes, but if your project is time-sensitive, we offer express shipping that meets your needs for european freight transport.

Efficient European Transport
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