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Less Than Truckload

Pumex offers reliable LTL and groupage services for international and domestic transportation. Our company expertly handles all types of merchandise – including temperature controlled and dangerous goods – and provides a complete logistics plan to all its customers.

Less than truckload is the service whereby your merchandise is transported together with other cargo for time and cost efficiency purposes. This generally includes any volume from 3 up to 33 euro pallets, and groupage is ideal for less than 3 pallets.

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Why choose LTL services?

We recommend less than truckload services to clients whose shipments are smaller than the total capacity of a truck or van. Truck sharing offers many advantages, but deciding whether it is the best solution for you depends on the specifics of your project.

The main benefit of employing less than truckload is sharing shipping fees, so it is a cost-effective solution. Specifically, the client only pays for a part of the transport fee, directly related to the volume taken up inside the vehicle.

This type of service requires flexible and complex logistics that Pumex has been handling for over 15 years together with a team of trained specialists and a modern green fleet.

Why choose LTL services?

Less than truckload shipping is ideal for you if:

  • You need to ship goods in a smaller volume
  • You want to reduce costs and maximize profitability
  • Care about the environment (reduced CO2 emissions)
Less than truckload shipping is ideal for you if:

Goods safety

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Goods shipped with LTL benefit from absolute security thanks to an optimal logistics plan that excludes any unnecessary handling. Pumex offers additional pallet management and warehousing, which ensure a comprehensive service for our clients.

Your cargo also benefits from standard or customised insurance, based on your specific needs. In addition, all Pumex trucks have GPS tracking, so you can monitor the entire shipping process from the loading dock to delivery. The entire operation, from pickup to palletization, warehousing, additional stops and all the way to delivery is completely transparent.

Bespoke LTL logistics

Less than truckload can involve multiple pick-ups and delivery points, so our consultants define the most streamlined, cost-efficient solution for you. 

This includes:

  • Matching compatible goods in one truckload
  • Matching goods with similar transport routes
  • Choosing the fastest pickup and delivery times
  • Appropriate vehicle
  • Proper freight class

Moreover, your cargo can be expedited by accessing our express transport service.

Bespoke LTL logistics

Flexibility with LTL

We provide our clients additional limited access services for shipments that need to be delivered to difficult to reach areas such as construction sites, rural areas, camps, or others. The entire process is backed by our fully modern fleet and experienced drivers.

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