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Oversized Transport

Pumex is aptly equipped to provide reliable oversized transport services to its customers. As a company dealing in logistics and transportation for over 15 years, we have developed the necessary infrastructure, know-how, and fleet that allow us to take on even the most complex projects.

Exceptional transport projects require careful logistics involving not only precise pick-up and delivery dates, fast transport routes, or proper formalities – but certified loading and unloading methods as well.

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Modern fleet for oversized transport

Various types of platforms or decks are necessary depending on the client’s cargo. Pumex offers the advantage of a fully modern fleet that includes low bed trailers and semi-trailers.

We are flexible in the volume of cargo we can ship and through our reliable network of partners have been successfully handling complex and challenging projects.

Modern fleet for oversized transport

Heavy machinery transport

Pumex is the ideal partner for the heavy industry sector, offering bespoke solutions on shipping machinery, from excavators, to loaders or cranes. Thanks to our own extensive fleet – both modern & green – and a wide network of partners, we provide a flexible oversized transport service for clients dealing with challenging cargo. 

Our service of exceptional transport is ideal for:

  • Agricultural machinery
  • Heavy machinery
  • Military equipment
  • Naval and aerospace parts
  • Oil and gas modules
Heavy machinery transport

Tailored oversized logistics

Our highly specialized consultants are prepared to deal with any specific challenges your project has. We provide both international and domestic transportation of over-dimensioned loads and a comprehensive logistics plan including all customs clearance formalities, documentation and regular departures and arrivals.

Pumex strikes the perfect balance between quality of service and cost-efficiency, thus being able to exceed clients’ expectations while offering competitive rates.

We ensure great communication from start to finish, the excellent coordination of your project and a fully transparent shipping process. Our entire fleet is GPS tracked, so you can monitor your shipment in real time. 

In addition, all cargo benefits from standard insurance of up to €500,000. Depending on the specifics or value of your cargo, our consultants guide you in choosing a personalized, premium insurance.

Tailored oversized logistics
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