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Temperature Controlled

Temperature controlled transportation is vital for special cargo such as pharmaceutical drugs, cosmetics, perishable items, certain electronic devices, fresh produce, flowers and more.

Pumex understands the importance of shipping special cargo in controlled temperature conditions based on the nature of your goods.

Thanks to our seasoned consultants and drivers, as well as a fully modern green fleet, we are able to provide a high quality service.

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Time Management

Perishable cargo is subject to strict handling for the preservation of its integrity. This includes maintaining the cold chain, so cargo is not exposed to different temperatures from pick-up to delivery.

We ensure timely and tailored logistics fully adapted to the specifics of the project. Our service includes:

  • Frozen transportation – for shipping already frozen cargo (fish, meat, vegetables and even other non-food products)
  • Refrigerated transportation – medicine, cosmetics, fresh fruit and vegetables, flowers, plants, batteries, etc.
Time Management

Special packaging

Depending on the nature of your cargo, you need to be aware of the correct type of packaging needed to maintain physical and intrinsic quality. Pumex consultants are ready to advise you on the proper packaging required when unloading from containers.

Reliable freight forwarding

Pumex is the freight forwarding partner knowledgeable on temperature controlled transportation and with access to proper equipment. We offer full truckload and less than truckload services for both international and domestic transportation.

Frozen and temperature controlled shipping is riddled with intricacies related to regulation policies, knowledge of cargo temperature and packaging needs, customs formalities and more. Pumex is ready to stand out as your fully dedicated partner.

Reliable freight forwarding

Collaborating with us, you can rely on

  • An integrated approach to logistics
  • Proper transportation equipment
  • Transparent tracking and tracing of shipments
  • Fixed date of arrival
  • Minimal and expert cargo handling
  • Full cargo insurance
  • Optimal shipping costs
Collaborating with us, you can rely on
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