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Warehouse Services and Logistics

Through our warehousing services, we aim to offer customers added value in their collaboration with us. We are a full logistics partner for all your transportation needs.

As an experienced freight forwarding agency, Pumex understands the nature of complex projects where multiple factors are taken into account. In order to provide the flexibility often needed for cargo shipping, we offer short to medium-term warehouse services. 

This includes short-term storage for clients whose warehouses are temporarily at full capacity, or who need their merchandise to go straight to market.

Our warehousing service aims to help customers reduce costs and time-to-market.

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That is why we focus on two key areas of cargo storage:


Your cargo is loaded directly from containers into our trucks or trailers and can be temporarily shipped to Pumex warehouses before being loaded again on a different vehicle and transported to the client’s desired destination. Transloading is usually applied for cargo that needs to be broken down and repalletized in order to be distributed to different locations.

This allows you to reduce costs on intermediary warehousing and inventory – and to have your cargo delivered at the exact time you need it.


Cross docking

This service is ideal for cargo bound for different destinations. In this scenario, the merchandise doesn’t need to be sorted and repalletized. Your cargo is loaded onto our trucks and taken to a Pumex warehouse where it can be sorted and shipped further to different destinations: your warehouses or directly to market.

With the cross docking service, you eliminate extra pressure on your own warehouse management and see your cargo reach market faster.

Cross docking

Quick takeover & delivery

Through our warehousing service we ensure the timely takeover of your cargo from containers and speedy processing for further shipment, or convenient storage that saves you time and money.

Collaborating with Pumex means accessing an integrated approach to your shipping needs:

  • Complete logistics
  • Pallet management
  • FTL and LTL distribution
  • Warehousing
  • Open communication and transparency
  • Cost optimization
Quick takeover & delivery
Our experienced consultants are ready

to listen to the specifics of your project, understand your needs and ship your cargo on time, every time.

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